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March 16, 2017 - Australian Flyball Association Inc. (Message Expiry: April 19, 2017)

We are still looking for volunteers to assist with the demos at the Easter Show, mainly on Tuesday, but, other days won't be refused. 

Due to the running surface we will be using the matting and will need a few strong arms to carry the two rolls (30kg each) into and out of the ring, prior to setting the boxes and jumps.

Entry tickets and parking will be provided

Please contact Frank at [email protected] or on 0419 146 321

Easter Show Flyball Demonstrations [link]

March 7, 2017 - Australian Flyball Association Inc. (Message Expiry: April 14, 2017)

We have been invited to provide Flyball Demonstrations at this years Easter Show on the following dates and are looking for anyone interested in attending. 

Friday 7th april

Monday 10th April

Tuesday 11th April

Thursday 13th April

Timing - Demos will run for about an hour over lunch time between 12:30 and 1:30 on each of the above days. 

Format - we are looking for apprx 16 experienced and 4 green dogs for each day. currently it's then intended to race best of 5 of full 5 heat, (probably handicap), races between 4 teams of four dogs and hold demos of basic flyball training with the green dogs between races. Frust come first served. 

Venue - Dog area, Sydney Olympic Park, grass surface measuring approx 30 x 15 mts.

Parking - full details of how to access the free parking area will be porvided to participants closer to event. People are encouraged to travel with other members attending if at all possible to limit the need for parking.

Entry to Show Ground - No cost to Flyballers

Due to OH&S requirements, dogs and handlers need to be escorted in and out of the Show ground and will not be able to walk in or out unless accompanied by an official.

Meeting time at the Pick-up point will be determined to allow time for walk in and set up. Dogs and handlers will be escorted out of the Show Ground and back to the pick-up point once the demo is finished.  

Crates and Equipment - There will be space for dog crates around the racing area, but probably limited and will need to be cleared after each demo. 

Cover / Shade - The "Judging Lawn" that we'll be racing on is undercover.

To Take Part - due to needing to confirm our attendance with the organizers, if you'd like to take part please either message Frank Lux through Facebook messenger or em-mail him at [email protected] (there's an underscore between "the" and "wag") AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with the following details - 

Handlers Name - 

Contact Phone number / Email  - 

CRN - 

Dogs Name and Breed - 

Days available to attend - 

Racing or Green Dog - 

Approx. run time for your dog (to one or two decimal places if you can )

Any other useful info (like "only runs as anchor dog")







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