COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update and Information

April 16, 2020 - 123456

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There are currently no AFA-initiated, association-wide restrictions or limitations on club, training or sanctioned activites.  The AFA does, however, require that all Clubs and Members comply with COVID-19 restrictions and directives applicable to their region.

There are currently no Federal Government restrictions which are impacting club, training or sanctioned activities. 

There are currently a number of COVID-19 restrictions applicable to members and clubs in various States and Territories.  The AFA encourages members and Club Co-ordinators to keep abreast of COVID-19 restrictions in their region from the following:

New South Wales -

Victoria -

Queensland -

South Australia -

Australian Capital Territory -

Tasmania -

In an effort to assist Clubs the AFA has developed the following check list of actions that should be introduced as part of the training resumption process:

  1. Hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities must be available at commencement of training and throughout the training period and all participants should clean hands prior to training.
  2. All toilet facilities (if opened) must be cleaned prior to the commencement and conclusion of any activity and hand sanitiser must be available in those facilities if not provided by the owner. 
  3. A person should be appointed at each training session as the leader for that session and that person should supervise the policing of all social distancing and health requirements.
  4. A record should be made and retained by the appointed leader of those attending each training session and this record kept for a period of 28 days – so that any necessary tracing can be facilitated.
  5. All participants should be instructed that if subsequent to training it is established that a participant has been in close contact with a person required to isolate then the leader of the training session attended MUST be informed. The leader MUST in turn inform all attendees to obtain a coronavirus test. The leader must inform the AFA Secretary.
  6. Care should be taken to ensure the appropriate cleaning of training equipment after use, including balls – washing with soap and water is recommended.

Any breach of the regulations imposed by Government/Territories, State Canine bodies or Local authorities by any Club or member is likely to breach the Association’s Public Liability insurance coverage.

The AFA will review the above position at each Meeting of the Committee and notify members of any changes.


Membership Fees Extension 

The Committee discussed whether existing members should be granted an extension of their 2019/20 membership, recognizing that all AFA Sanctioned activities ceased in early March 2020 and were unlikely to resume before September – a six -month period. After discussion it was AGREED that all existing members of the AFA would be granted a free 12- month extension of their membership – covering Members, Associates and existing Registered Dogs. Members are advised that they should still complete the normal renewal application for 2020/21 membership but that no fee will be applied. Normal fees will continue to apply for new membership applications received in 2020/2021and new (additional) dogs.

Club of the Year and Novice Club 2020.

The Committee noted that a significant part of the scoring for these awards was linked to Sanctioned activities that had been suspended. The question arose as to whether the 2019/2020 Awards (normally determined at end June 2020) should be deferred and combined with the 2021 Awards – after discussion the Committee agreed to defer the 2019/20 Awards and combine with 2020/21. The new On - Trail Rules regarding points for these awards would accordingly continue until the 2020/21 Awards were determined and the changes put to an AGM.


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COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update and Information

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