Hosting a Race Meeting




Competion organisers are to tally competiton points for the event. Use the supplied work book at the top of the page. Please read the Timesheet points calculation information at the top of the page to assist you will completing the workbook. Email the completed title points workbook to [email protected] AND [email protected] Paperwork (entry forms and timesheets etc) are to be mailed. Please keep a paper copy for your records. We also ask that you email the paperwork to [email protected] AND [email protected] This will greatly help to avoid delays in updating points. If you prefer, you may request a drop box request from [email protected] for up loading the file rather than emailing. 

  • The AFA can provide more information on any of these requirements, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Additional Information:

  • Guidelines for Competition Committee:

    • (a) Competition Chairperson:
      The Competition Chairperson has the overall responsibility for the proper planning management, conducting and reporting of the competition. The Competition Chairperson shall act as the liaison for the club/organisation. The Committee Chairperson shall ascertain the requirements such as insurance, rentals, schedules, concessions, protest etc.

    • (b) Entries;
      The Entries Chairperson shall be responsible for entries and questions the entrants might have.

    • (c) Grounds:
      The Grounds Chairperson shall be responsible for the proper layout of the competition ring, setting up and dismantling the equipment, traffic flow, crowd control, parking securing the necessary equipment, cleaning up during and following the competition.

    • (d) Trophies:
      The Trophy Chairperson is responsible for acquiring trophies, ribbons and/or other prizes, setting up the trophy table and putting together a list of trophies and/or other prizes.

    • (e) Hospitality: The Hospitality Chairperson is responsible for the planning of any luncheons, transportation, lodging, refreshments, banquets, directions, local points of interest, camping and picnic facilities etc.

    • (f) Publicity: The Publicity Chairperson shall arrange and distribute all publicity, advertising, press releases etc.

    • (g) Judges, Stewards and Timekeepers: Judge and Steward selection, confirmations, travel arrangements and lodging shall be the responsibility of the Judge Chairperson.

    • (h) Admission:
      If there is an admission charge to the event, an individual shall be responsible for advance ticket sale and/or distribution of free passes to competitors and gate admission.

    • (i) Public Address:
      Flyball is a spectator sport. As such, it is important to announce races, explain the sport and announce times.

    • (j) Having a photographer available and raffles, catalogues and other special events that generate income or that add to the success of the competition that are not in any way prejudicial to the best interest of the sport of Flyball may be considered.