Teams by Club

ACT Companion Dog Club

Canberra X-cellence

Canberra X-ceptionals

Canberra X-citables

Canberra X-clusives

Canberra X-emplars

Canberra X Factor

Canberra X Factor 1

Canberra X Factor 2

Canberra X Factor 3

Canberra X Factor 4

Canberra X Factor 5

Canberra X Factor 6

Canberra X Factor APM

Canberra X-hibitionists

Canberra X-perienced

Canberra X-perts

Canberra X-posed

Canberra X-press

Canberra X-traterestrials

Canberra X-tremes

Hot X Bunnies

Hot X Chocolates

All Paws Airborne Flyball Inc

Airborne Flybys

Airborne Hornets

Airborne Special Ops

Awesome Pawsome Flyball Racing Club Inc

Paws of Lightning

Paws of Thunder

Backyard Buddies

Backyard Buddies

Ballarat Dog Obedience Club Inc

Ballarat Eureka

Ballarat Eureka Cavalry

Ballarat Eureka Diggers

Ballarat Eureka Gold Miners

Ballarat Eureka Gold Nuggets

Ballarat Eureka Miners

Ballarat Eureka Rebels

Ballarat Eureka Sovereigns

Ballarat Eureka Stockaders

Ballarat Eureka Troopers

Ballarat Gold Nuggets

Ballarat Miners

Bass Coast Flyball Team

Bass Coast Beach Buddies

Bass Coast Breakers

Bass Coast Sandy Paws

Bass Coast Surf Riders

Bayside Flyball Racing Inc

Bayside Blue

Bayside Green

Bayside Red

Bayside Yellow

Belconnen Dog Obedience Club

Belconnen Beach Bullets

Belconnen Bullet Points

Belconnen Bullet Proof

Belconnen Bullet Train

Belconnen Chocolate Bullets

Belconnen Dodgeda Bullets

Belconnen Licorice Bullets

Belconnen Rubber Bullets

Belconnen Rusty Bullets

Belconnen Speeding Bullets

Miltos Mates

Berwick Flyball

Berwick Bits & Pieces

Berwick Bladerunners

Berwick Blaze

Berwick Blitz

Berwick Breezers

Berwick Bruizers

Berwick Burnouts

Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club

Croydon Rocket Allsorts

Croydon Rocket Ballistic Missiles

Croydon Rocket Blasters

Croydon Rocket Cadets

Croydon Rocket Cosmonauts

Croydon Rocket Mix Bag

Croydon Rocket NQR

Croydon Rocket Scientists

Croydon Rocket Secret Weapons

Croydon Rocket Star Gazers

Dover Gardens Kennel & Obedience Club Inc

Fly'd Over

Run'd Over

Zoom'd Over

Eastside Flyers Flyball Team Incorporated



Eastside Flyers Cockatoos

Eastside Flyers Galahs

Eastside Flyers Kites

Eastside Flyers Raptors

Eastside Flyers Skylarks

Eastside Flyers Skylarks was Phoenix

Eastside Flyers Swifts




Little Fokkers



Tiger Moths


Flyball Fanatics Inc

Fairly Flying

Fanatic Flyballers

Flat Out Fanatics

Flyball Fanatic 4

Flyball Fanatics

Flyball Fanatics Four

Flyball Fanatics One

Flyball Fanatics Three

Flyball Fanatics Too

Flyball Fanatics Two

Flying Fanatics

Flying Fidos

Freaky Fanatics

Furry Fanatics

Flyball Friends

Rocky Hill Races

Spud Dogs

Four Paws Racing


Beach Crew


Fly It

Four Paws Racing (4PR)






Frankston Dog Obedience Club Inc

Frankston Storm Blizzards

Frankston Storm Chasers

Frankston Storm Cyclones

Frankston Storm Hailstorms

Frankston Storm Hurricanes

Frankston Storm In a Teacup

Frankston Storm Lightning Bolts

Frankston Storm Tornadoes

Frankston Storm Twisters

Frankston Storm Typhoons

Game On Flyball Racing

All Systems GO

Bordering on Genius

Gympie Dog Obedience Club

Hastings & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Hastings Howlers Hit & Run

Hastings Howlers Hit & Rush

Keilor Obedience Dog Training centre

T-Keilor Gold

T-Keilor Laidbacks

T-Keilor Shots

T-Keilor Slammers

T-Keilor Sunrises

T-Keilor Twilights

Luvadog Regardless

Luvadog Regardless

Luvadog Regardless 1

Luvadog Regardless 2

Manly and District Kennel and Dog Training Club

Barking MAD

MAD Dash

Maximum Velocity

Impulse Control

Maximum Carnage

Maximum Chaos

Maximum Insanity


Norwest Flyball Club Inc

Norwest Thunderdogs 1

Norwest Thunderdogs 2

Norwest Thunderdogs 3

Norwest Thunderdogs 4

Norwest Thunderdogs 5

Norwest Thunderdogs 6

Norwest Thunderdogs 7

Norwest Thunderdogs 8


4PR Open Border Jumpers


Agile Paws

All Paws

All Paws Soarin'

AP Rascals


Bay Racers

Belconnen Random Bullets


Canberra X-traordinary

Catch Me If You Can

Chasing Tail

Cocktail Frankfurts


Crate Escapers

Cross Border Runners

Crossfire - SthX

Cruised Over

Dandy Dogs

Diggity Dogs


Fanatic Furballs

Fast & Furious

Flyball Buddies

Flyball Friends

Flying Discs

Flying fluro 1

Flying fluro 2

Flying fluro 3

Flying fluro flyball

Flying Mashed Pawtatoes

Four Star Krushers

Frank N Weans

Growler Muckdogs

High Flyers

High Tide

Hillbilly Misfits

Hot Diggity


Howling Hounds

Jolly Jumpers

Just Plane Fast

Kamikaze Torpedoes

Kidz Unleashed

Low Tide

Luvadog Regardless Open

MAD Flyers

Magic Paws

Maximum Mayhem

Maximum Velocity

Milton Mighty Mutts

Mixed Nuts


Odd Balls

Of a Feather


Opening Torpedoes


Out Kruisin'

Para Barking Brigade

Para Doggy Dashers


Para Paw Patrol

Para Plus


Para Swaggers

Passed Over

Pawfectly Awesome


Pine Rivers Rock

Pixies in Wonderland

Power Pups

Psycho Chillers

Psycho Thrillers

Puddle Jumpers


Rabble Dash

Red Plus

Red Runners


Ruff and Ready

SA Blended Blitz

SA Combined Chasers

Sailed Over


Scallywag Blasting Cannons

Scallywag Crossbones

Scallywags on deck

Shooting Bullets - SthX

Somewhat Unorthodox

Southern Cross Gliders

Southern Woofs - SthX

Spaniel Allsorts

Speed Demons

Staff Only

Star Paws Galaxy

Star Power - SthX


Super Storm

Team Puli

The Panzers

The Sensations

The Van Dieman Vixens

The Wild Ones

Thunderdog Tornado

Thunderdog Tsunami

Top Gun

Under the Radar

Unleashed Potential

Unleashed Randoms

Van Diemen's Land Flying Devils

Van Diemen's Land Flying Quolls

Van Diemen's Land Flying Tigers

VIC Paw Patrol

Wacky Racers

Wing Man

X-Ploding Torpedoes


Orange Krush

First Krush

Hot Sauce

Outta Kontrol

Para District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Para Ballistics

Para Shooters

Para Strollers

Para Troopers

Paws 4 Fun Dog Training Club Inc.


Paws4Fun 1

Paws4Fun 2

Paws4Fun Mix

Pine Rivers Dog Training Club Inc

Pine Rivers Devils

Pine Rivers Rascals

Pine Rivers Rebels

Redlands Dog Obedience Club Inc

Burn N Bolt

Hit N Burn

Red Flyers

Red Paws

Red Racers

Turn N Burn

Southern Cross Flyball Club




Shining Stars

Shooting Shooters

Shooting Stars

Star Burst


Star Struck

Star Trackers

Supersonics Flyball Racing Club.


Shock Waves

Sonic Boom



Sydney Psychos Flyball Team Pty Ltd

Psycho Killers

Sydney Psychoanalysts

Sydney Psycho Maniacs

Sydney Psychopaths

Sydney Psychos

Sydney Psychos Phantoms

Sydney Psychos Randoms

Sydney Psychos Too

Sydney Psychotics

Sydney ScallyWags Flyball Inc

Scallywag Borders

Scallywag Cannonballs

Scallywag CannonBlast

Scallywag Cannonfire

Scallywag Cruisers

Scallywag Hopefuls

Scallywag Jumbucks

Scallywag Mates

Scallywag Originals

Scallywag Pirates

Scallywag Rejects

Scallywag Rockets


Scallywags 1

Scallywags 2

Scallywags 3

Scallywag Scholars

Scallywag Scoundrels

Travelling Scallywags


City Slickers






The Eagles

Tassie Flying Paws Dog Club Inc

Tassie Flying Devils

Tassie Flying Paws

Tassie Flying Quolls

Tassie Flying Tigers

Unleashed Flyball Club Inc.

Unleashed Force

Unleashed Pawlice

Unleashed Power

Unleashed Speed


Vic Weiners Flyball Racing Club

Chilli Dogs

Corn Dogs

Hot Dogs

Sausage Party

Wollongong Wonder Woofs

Widdle Woofers

Wiggly Woofers

Wonder Woodles

Woofers 1

Woofers X

Wrascally Woofers

Wylee Woofers