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Welcome to the AFA's online application process.

The online application process will allow two payment options:

- Payment by cheque or money order.

- You can complete your application online and then send your cheque to the AFA quoting reference number, which will be instantly emailed back when you hit the submit button.

- Internet Banking. This method is only available if you have registered with your bank for internet banking. On completion of the online application hit the submit button and your reference number will be instantly emailed to you. You MUST quote the reference number in the detail or reference section when transferring the funds via Internet Banking, to make it visible for us to view on the AFA bank statement. Please retain a copy of your internet receipt.

To proceed with the application you must accept the following policies

I agree to the Privacy Policy

I agree to abide by the rules, policies and the Constitution of the Australian Flyball Association Inc. and I accept responsibility for the behaviour of any Associate Member admitted under my membership and acknowledge that these rules, policies and Constitution apply to any such Associate Member.

I agree to the following statement:

The Australian Flyball Association Inc. (AFA) hereby advises all members that they participate in the sport of flyball at their own risk. Neither the AFA (including its Committee members, members or agents) nor any of its affiliated clubs (including their Committee members, members or agents) can be held accountable for any injury to a person or damage to property arising directly or indirectly out of or by or in connection with their participation in the sport of flyball, including flyball training, practice, events, demonstrations, race meetings or competitions.

By accepting membership of the AFA I acknowledge having read and understood the above disclaimer and I release the Australian Flyball Association Inc. and its affiliated clubs (including their Committee Members, members or agents) from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of my participation in flyball and indemnify them against all liability for all injury ,loss or damage arising out of or connected with the participation of me and my dog(s) in the sport of flyball.

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