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Australian Flyball Association - Honorary Life Membership – Process and criteria for nominations.

The Constitution of the Australian Flyball Association sets down the broad criteria for the nomination and election of honorary life members via the Associations Annual General Meeting. The Constitution provides that a person, whether a member or not, on the recommendation of the General Committee ,or upon written nomination by not less than five members, in recognition of outstanding service to the Australian Flyball Association, can be elected by vote of at least two thirds of members voting at the AGM. The Constitution states that not more than two such honorary appointments can be made in any year.

 Life Membership is recognised by the Australian Flyball Association as the highest recognition awarded to a member in acknowledgement of outstanding service and  exceptional contribution to the Association over an extended period of time.

The Constitutions nomination process allows for both the Committee to nominate members for the honorary award or for a group of members (at least five in number) to make such a recommendation. Member recommendations should be submitted to the Committee in writing by no later than one calendar month prior to the AGM ( but preferably received by Committee at least two Meetings prior to the AGM) . In considering recommendations regarding honorary member nominations the following guidance criteria are provided to assist in the determination of the level of outstanding service normally required for the award.

Guidance criteria.

Life Membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees should be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison to others. It is expected that any nominee however will have made a significant or exceptional contribution to the development and operation of the Association over an extended period of time.

Whilst it is not possible to provide a definitive listing of services to the Association seen as exceptional or significant they might include service on Committee, service at events – such as Timekeeping or Judging or services clearly seen as significant in promoting, advancing  and marketing the sport of flyball.

Whilst services at an individual Club level can be included as evidence of contribution to the development of the sport of flyball they do not on their own meet the criteria as contributions to the Association. Combinations of Association and Club level involvement are essential parts of an overall significant contribution.

All nominees will be expected to have demonstrated attitude and demeanour that reflects dedication to the values of the Association, including good sportsmanship.

As a guide it would be expected that the members contribution would have been made over an extended period of at least 10 years.

Process .

The Committee will each year consider Committee nominations for Life Membership and will document the outstanding contributions considered to warrant the submission to the members at the AGM, using the criteria guidance shown earlier. In addition the Committee will consider any Member nominations received in order to determine the sufficiency of information provided in support of the nomination. Where the information is seen as insufficient to meet  a reasonable assessment of outstanding service to the Association over an extended period of time  the Committee will advise the nominees of the need to strengthen the nomination or withdraw the application. In the event that the nominees are unable to suitably strengthen the submission but continue to wish to have it submitted to the AGM the Committee will submit the nomination but with an indication of the Committee view that it does not meet the required criteria for Life Membership.

Gary Hardwood (August 2000) - original honorary Member of the AFA

Honorary Membership has been awarded to a man who dreamed about Flyball becoming a sport in Australia, and set about over a number of years spreading his dream to other people like a virus. Although the man in question is no longer involved in the sport, his enthusiasm inevitably infected many people. The man we are talking about was responsible for the establishment of Queanbeyan Flyball club and later chaired the first meetings attended by Flyball enthusiasts from NSW and ACT that lead to the establishment of the Australian Flyball Association. He also travelled to many areas along the east coast including Melbourne’s Keilor Obedience Dog  Training Club, who were infected with enthusiasm as a result of engaging in unprotected Flyball with the man in question - Mr Gary Harwood. (Article from Flying Times #22 31 August 2000)

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