Judge Accreditation


In March 2015, a sub committee was formed made up of several AFA committee members, the supervisory judge and a learning specialist.

Sub Committee Members:

  • Sue Norton – Supervisory Judge (2014/15)

  • Ian Gauntlett (AFA committee Member – Level 1 Judge)

  • Ian Kendt (AFA committee Member – Level 1 Judge)

  • Catherine Stroop (AFA committee Member – Level 1 Judge)

  • Sally Lea – Certified Learning Practitioner


The purpose of the committee was to review the process for judge accreditation, with a view to developing:

  • A streamlined process

  • A fair and consistent approach that builds both knowledge and skills progressively

  • A process that ensures achievability and produces a high standard of judges

  • Incorporates a process for maintaining judges skills post accreditation

The revised Judges Accreditation Process document contains details of the revised process and includes:

  • Snapshot of changes

    • Judge levels

    • Criteria for Advancement

  • Justification for changes

  • The new process in detail

  • The Capabilities

  • The Judge Mentors role

  • Impacts of the new process

Judges Accreditation and Advancement


The Level 2 and Level 1 Judge Capabilities booklet has been created to support judges in their learning journey. It acts as a guide to their development and a log for their learning.


Click here to download the Level 2 and Level 1 Judge Capabilities booklet