About the Flyball Premiership



2019 AFA Premiership Release



Premiership Season

The Premiership Season will run from 1 July - 30 June in all States and Territories. 

Inclusion in the Premiership is automatic, Clubs may elect to be excluded from the Premiership prior to the start of the respective State or Territory Season.


The rules for teams competing for the Premiership are the same as for Regular Class Racing.

Premiership Race Meetings

Race Meetings where Regular Class is Unlimited will be included in the Premiership. 


Points awarded to teams placing in each division of Regular Class during the 2021Premiership Season at Race Meetings held in each team’s home State and Territory.

4 Points for 1stPlace 

3 Points for 2ndPlace 

2 Points for 3rdPlace 

1 Point for every other team placing in the division.

Teams finishing non-competitive are unable to earn Premiership Points.

If an Interstate team places above a State or Territory Team the Premiership points will not default to a lower placed Team.

After the completion of the 2021 season the following points will be awarded for subsquent seasons:

For divisions with three or more teams:

      * four points for first placing in the division

      * three points for second placing in the division

      * two points for third placing in the division

      * one point for each other placing in the division                                                                               

For divisions with two teams:

       * two points for first placing in the division

       * one point for second placing in the division

Teams which do not place in a division, namely non-competitive teams and breakout teams cannot be awarded premiership oints. 

If an interstate team places above a state or territory team the premiership points will not default to a lower placed team. 

Tie Breaks

Should teams end the season on equal points the winner should be decided by giving the win to the team with the highest number of placings through the season. 

  1. EXAMPLE - Team “A” has attended 10 races and achieved 8 x second places and two single points as runners up giving a total of 26 points.

  2. Team “B” has attended 7 races and achieved 6 division wins and a third place giving a total of 26 points.

  3. Team “B” is placed higher than team “A” having achieved more higher finishing positions in their division than team “A”

If teams are still tied the fastest time (excluding breakouts) from each Race Meeting will be added and the team with the fastest average time will prevail.


Do we have to run the same dogs in the team for the racing season?

  • The Rules are the same as Regular Class Racing so any dogs in a club that qualify under the existing rules of racing are eligible to run in a team. 

  • The Premiership records points against team names NOT the dog’s names.

How many teams will be eligible for the Grand Final?

  • Some States may elect not to hold a Grand Final Division and settle on just having a Minor Premier.

  • Smaller States may elect to have the first 4 teams on the Premiership Table at the end of the Premiership season qualify for the Grand Final and some bigger States like NSW and Victoria may elect to have more.

Will my team earn Premiership points for competing at the National Championships?

  • State and Territory Premiership points will NOTbe awarded for competing at the National Championships.

Will my team earn Premiership Points for competing interstate?

  • Only teams competing in their home State or Territory Race Meetings will earn Premiership Points.

Does my club have to enter a team in the Premiership?

  • Entry to the Premiership is automatic. Teams and Clubs do not have to “sign up” to participate in the Premiership, points will be awarded automatically after each event. However, Clubs may ask to not be included in the Premiership if they so wish.

If a club has asked to be excluded from the Premiership will teams attending race meetings hosted by that club still be awarded Premiership points?

  • Yes, Premiership points are awarded at every Race Meeting where entry to Regular Class is unlimited held in your State or Territory during the Premiership Season accept for Nationals.

Is there a minor Premier for each division?

  • Each State and Territory has only one Premiership Table.

  • There will be only ONE Minor Premier for each State and Territory.

Why doesn’t my team earn Premiership Points when Regular class is Limited Entry?

  • Because when Regular Class is Limited some Regular Class teams will be excluded and unable to participate in the Premiership.

Where can I see the Premiership ladder?

  • The Ladder is available on the AFA web site