Membership Renewals Now Due

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June 15, 2022 - 123456

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Members are reminded that the renewal of membership is a two step process - 

  • the online renewal - found on the website under Members then forms
  • The EFT of funds from your bank website

Both are required before your membership is processed. There are a few members who have completed the on line renewal - but not paid as yet. 


Members entering events in July MUST be financial for the new year. Your dashboard will show valid to 1st July 2023. The on line renewal and the payment must be received by 30th June to avoid disappointment. 

Club Co-Ordinators/Entry Receivers for July meets are asked to double check the entries against the Valid CRN listing on the website. 


This must also be renewed and paid by the 30th June. 


Clubs and members are reminded that NO late entries will be accepted after the closing date - this applies to ALL race meets. Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment

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Membership Renewals Now Due
Membership Renewals Now Due

membership renewal

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